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Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez
, PhD in Polymer Science, is the head of Laboratory Polymeric and Composite Materials at University of Mons (Belgium) as well as an R&D Leader at the research center Materia Nova (Mons, Belgium). His research activities encompass all the general aspects about the realm of “bioplastics”, i.e., bio- based and/or biodegradable polymer materials, particularly ranging from their controlled and catalyzed polymerization reactions, production of high performances nanocomposites / nano-hybrids via reactive processing (i.e., reactive extrusion and additive manufacturing), to their implementation into diverse applications (packaging, textile, automotive, etc.), including their end-life scenario.


Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez is also in charge of national and international research programs (Région Wallonne, EU-FP7, EU-H2020), including several industrial collaborations. He has more than about 170 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, 48 personal communications at conferences and is co-inventor of 9 patents. He co-edited 2 books and has written 11 chapters in books.


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