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Prof. Dr. Roberto Pantani

Born in 1971, Roberto Pantani graduated "cum laude" in Chemical Engineering in 1995. He received the PhD degree in February 2000 from the University of Palermo, defending a thesis entitled "Analysis of Shrinkage Development in Injection Molded Samples". From 1999 to 2001 he was research fellow at University of Salerno (UNISA). From 2001 to 2007 he has been an assistant professor of Transport Phenomena at UNISA, Dept. of Chemical Engineering; since October 2007 he is Associate Professor at the same Department, which is now named "Department of Industrial Engineering" (DIIn).

His main research interests focus on the analysis and simulation of injection molding of thermoplastics, of structure development in polymer processing, of mechanisms of cooling stresses development, of volume accuracy and stability during polymer processing, of processing and degradation of biodegradable polymers. His activity is characterized by the application of innovative devices, methods and original models, designed and developed with the specific purpose of characterizing polymer behavior in processing conditions, always searching for an integration of theoretical and experimental work.

He takes part to several research projects at European, National, Regional and Local level, in many of them as Principal Investigator.

He collaborates with companies and research centers involved in polymer processing on the optimization of polymer processes, on the choice of materials, on polymer characterization, on the improvement of the properties of the produced parts. He is author of 2 patents, of about 75 publications on international peer reviewed scientific journals, of 5 book chapters and of more than 100 publications on proceedings of international conferences.

As coordinator of the laboratories of "Polymer Technology" and of "Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Polymers" of the DIIn, he is involved in the training of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate researchers in the field of polymer processing, many of them coming from other European Countries in the framework of several exchange programs. He is also deeply involved in training and educational activities on polymer processing subjects devoted to industrial groups and to graduate students in International Polymer Processing Intensive Courses within the European Erasmus Program.

Since many years he is frequently asked to act as reviewer for many of the main scientific journals in the area of Polymer Processing and Polymer Science, and he is also in the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Applied Polymer Science. He is often invited to join the organization and to participate as keynote speaker in international conferences.