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Polymer Processing Society (PPS) to Institute Fellowship For Its Members: After more than 33 years of its inception, it is time that Polymer Processing Society starts recognizing its members as PPS Fellows for achieving distinguished record in scientific and technological developments in polymer processing.   Each year, up to 3 Fellows will be elected, preferably one each from each geographical areas - Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and Australasia. PPS is now accepting nominations for its first group of Fellows. 

Nomination process: A PPS member in good standing of membership will qualify for nomination as Fellows. A nomination package should include the following documents –

  • Nomination letter(max 2 pages) describing the nominees scientific achievements and/or innovations in the field of polymers,
  •  Statement of  record of service to PPS(1 page), 
  • Complete CV
  • Two additional letters of recommendationendorsing the achievements listed in the nomination letter.  The nominator should be a member of PPS.

The nomination package should be submitted to the chair of Fellows Election Committee by December 31 of each year.  Newly inducted Fellows will be recognized at the annual meeting of PPS.