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 Dr. Michel Huneault, 2007

The 2007 Morand Lambla Award recipient is Dr Michel Huneault. He is currently Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada and Adjunct Professor at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Dr Huneault has contributed significantly to the field of polymer mixing and reactive extrusion. In particular, his work in dispersion visualization has led to the discovery of novel deformation and breakup mechanisms in molten polymer systems under high shear. For the first time, dispersion mechanisms associated to solids such as surface erosion and brittle fracture were observed on molten polymer systems. This contradicted the "Newtonian" thinking and helped reconcile the high rate of morphology evolution found in industrial processing equipment and those observed in model flow studies. Furthermore, Dr Huneault has applied polymer processing fundamentals to a number of applications ranging from multilayer packaging films to fuel cell membranes, electrically conductive composites and impact modified materials. His more recent interest has been in the development of biobased materials in particular in the interface modification and crystallisation of polylactide-thermoplastic starch blends. The Morand Lambla Award is awarded to Dr. Huneault in recognition for his achievements and creativity among young researchers in the polymer science and technology field.