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Dr. R. Y. Chang and his team at CoreTech System (Moldex3D) of TAIWAN 

The James L White Award will be given at PPS-31 at Jeju Island, Korea, to Dr. R.Y. Chang and his  team, including Dr. Venny Yang, Dr. David Hsu, Mr. Jimmy Chien, and Dr. Ivor Tseng, for the development of mathematical models and injection molding simulation software.

With the increasing complexity  of polymer processing  operations,  traditional  trial-and-error   approaches   are   gradually   being  replaced by computer simulations in order to meet the growing industrial demands effectively. Over a period of three decades, Dr. RY Chang and his team have developed various fundamental 3D injection molding simulation core technologies to deal with the complex thermo-mechanical interactions. They developed a powerful control volume method for injection molding simulation, created high capability solvers to handle various 3D mesh types, and developed automatic meshing generation technologies. They have made significant innovations in 3D transient cooling technology to have higher capability for visualization of the dynamic features inside the mold, extended and completed approaches for predicting the fundamental polymer thermodynamic and rheological properties using molecular dynamics, and developed a patented method involving mathematical models for predictive fiber orientation of short and long fibers, including fiber breakage and concentration effects.

For meeting design and manufacturing demands, they have made innovations in interface technologies for CAD and CAE, taking into account process-induced material variation for virtual life cycle management of injection molding product development. These include Finite Element Analysis (FEA) interfaces with Ansys, Abaqus, Ls-dyna, and Nastran, to offer seamless integration from injection molding to structural analysis (downstream technology), developed interfaces to offer seamless integration from injection molding to micromechanics material properties and completed a seamless integration from CAE to CAD (upstream technology).

The CAE innovations of Dr RY Chang’s team include various thermal simulation technologies, such as hot runner simulation technology, conformal cooling simulation technology, long/short fiber micro-mechanical properties simulation technology, microcellular  injection  molding  simulation  technology,  3D  water-assisted  and  gas-assisted simulation technology, multi-component molding simulation technologies (such as over-molding, insert molding, co-injection, bi-injection simulation technology), injection compression molding simulation technology, compression molding simulation technology, and powder injection molding simulation technology.

Dr. RY Chang founded CoreTech System Co Ltd. in 1995. CoreTech is a leading CAE software provider for injection molding, with more than 2,500 companies using its flagship product Moldex3D around the world.