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The STM 2015 meeting program is NOW ONLINE. We have an impressive schedule of topics, exceptional guest speakers, and an abundance of excellent abstract presentations from colleagues. It can be found HERE.

2015 STM Meeting Keynote Speakers have been announced!
Please click here for information and bios.
See you in Orlando!

Twelve New Investigators earned Travel Awards to the 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine. $600 grants were awarded based on applications and abstracts judged by a Committee of STM members chaired by Dr. Erik Cressman of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The awards are funded in part by the National Institutes of Health through grant R13CA174356 from the National Cancer Institute and from sponsorship funding from the Radiation Research Society. In addition to the Travel Awards, these New Investigators receive Jr. SIT Memberships in the Radiation Research Society. The New Investigators presented their abstracts during the STM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis and STM Officers hosted the New Investigators at a private luncheon during the Annual Meeting.

Matt Adams

Radiation Oncology at University of California San Francisco
Mentor: Christopher Diederich
"Theoretical Design And Evaluation Of Endoluminal Ultrasound Applicators For Thermal Therapy Of Pancreatic Cancer Under Image Guidance"

Anilchandra Attaluri

Radiation Oncology & Molecular Radiation - Johns Hopkins University Mentor: Robert Ivkov
"Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia As A Radiosensitizer For Locally Advanced Pancreas Cancer: An In-Vitro And In-Vivo Study"

Edmond Balidemaj
Radiotherapy Department at Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam Mentor: Hans Crezee
"Imaging Electric Tissue Properties Using MRI For Improved SAR Assessment During Hyperthermia Treatment"

Jason Chiang
Radiology Department - University of Wisconsin -Madison
Mentor: Christopher Brace
"Water Vapor Transport during Microwave Ablations: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation"

Christopher Dillon
Bioengineering Dept - University of Utah
Mentor: Michael Payne
"A Novel Method For Quantifying Perfusion-Induced Energy Losses In Magnetic Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound"

Amy Ku
Immunology Dept - Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Mentor: Sharon Evans
"Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Subvert The Immunostimulatory Activity Of Systemic Thermal Therapy By Blocking T Cell Trafficking In The Tumor Microenvironment"

Gaurav Kumar
Dept of Radiology - Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center
Mentor: Muneeb Ahmed
"Celecoxib Suppresses Local Inflammatory And Systemic Pro-Oncogenic Effects Of Hepatic Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation In Small Animals"

Li Li
Dept of Radiation Oncology at Duke University/Erasmus MC
Mentor: Gerben Koning
"The Effect Of Heat Cycling On Intratumoral Liposome Accumulation And Triggered Drug Release"

Brogan McWilliams
Electrical & Computer Engineering - Kansas State University
Mentor: Punit Prakash
"A directional interstitial antenna for microwave tissue ablation: theoretical and experimental investigation"

Arlene Oei
Academic Medical Center - University of Amsterdam
Mentors: N.A.P. Franken/Hans Crezee
"Parp1-Inhibition Sensitizes Combined Hyperthermia-Radiation And Combined Hyperthermia-Cddp Treatment Of Cervical Carcinoma Cells"

Frederik Soetaert
Ghent University of Belgium
Mentor: Luc Dupre
"Optimal Switch-Off Times Of Pulsed Currents In Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation"

Andrew Wong
Biomedical Engineering at U - Davis
Mentor: Katherine Ferrara
"Overcoming Accelerated Blood Clearance Of Cu-Doxorubicin Nanoparticles With Mr Guided Focused Ultrasound Thermal Ablation"

Official Journal of STM


International Journal of Hyperthermia

the Official Journal of STM

2013 Impact Factor: 2.77
5-Year Impact Factor: 2.82
Frequency: 8 issues per year

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Our Mission Statement

The Society for Thermal Medicine is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization whose mission is to significantly improve patient treatment outcomes by advancing the science, development and application of Thermal Therapy.

Our Society strives to:

  • Promote new discovery in thermal biology, physics/engineering, and medicine.
  • Sponsor high quality forums for education of medical professionals in the practice of thermal medicine.
  • Advocate for increased patient access to appropriate, high quality, thermal therapies.

Get to Know Us

Founded in 1986, STM is a premier, international scientific forum for fostering interaction and innovation in the study of biological, physical and medical applications of thermal therapy for cancer and other diseases and for facilitating a greater basic understanding of the role of temperature in cellular and molecular function. A key goal of the Society is to facilitate rapid dissemination of exciting scientific breakthroughs in thermal medicine in order to expedite the translation of both basic and applied research to the clinic for the immediate benefit of patients.

The Society meets annually in the United States, (and with other international societies every 4th year) for members to exchange new research information in the areas of thermal physics/engineering, and biology and medicine, with sub-specialty interests including thermal physiology , immunology, regulation of gene/protein expression, nanoparticles and drug delivery, inflammation and metabolism, hypoxia, vascular function and the tumor microenvironment, radiation and chemotherapy sensitization by heat, thermal ablation, chemistry, and new industry development . A major emphasis at the annual meetings is placed on presentations of new translational and clinical data in thermal therapy. There are many opportunities for new investigators to present their data, and graduate students, laboratory and clinical fellows, and allied health professionals are particularly welcome at our meetings; several career development and mentor-ship opportunities are available.

Among other activities, the Society sponsors CME accredited educational events, its own outstanding journal: The International Journal of Hyperthermia, a website for scientific and informational exchange, and yearly travel awards and speaking opportunities for new investigators.

What is Thermal Medicine?

Thermal Medicine, or the manipulation of body or tissue temperature for the treatment of disease, can be traced back to the earliest practice of medicine. Cultures from around the world can point to ancient uses of hot and cold therapy for specific medical applications, including cancer. Modern research in thermal medicine aims to understand molecular, cellular and physiological effects of temperature manipulation and the “stress” response, as well as to develop effective and safe equipment for clinical application and temperature monitoring. As a result, today there are a growing number of clinical applications of thermal therapy that benefit patients with a variety of diseases. More ... 

STM 2015: Join Us in Orlando

2015 STM Meeting Keynote Speakers have been announced!

Please click here for information and bios.

See you in Orlando!

Planning is currently underway for STM 2015, the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine to be hosted April 14 - 17, 2015 at the Buena Vista Palace Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida.

This award-winning Walt Disney Resort property is located just across the street from Downtown Disney and a short distance from many of the most famous theme parks in the world.

We will post meeting plans shortly but you will probably want to make plans to Save-the-Dates now on your calendar. You might even want to plan to arrive a day or two early or extend your trip a couple days to incorporate a little family vacation time with your annual thermal therapy training and educational sessions.

Online registrations and abstract submissions will be accepted as of mid-October. Corporate Sponsorships are available.

ICHO 2016

Thermal Therapy: Hot Science, Cool Medicine, and All that Jazz!

STM Image Archive Added to the Member Center

Using the images provided by Dennis Leeper, Chair of the History Committee, we have added a STM slideshow image archive to the Member Center.


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STM Receives NIH Funding

The Society for Thermal Medicine is delighted to announce funding received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the STM Annual Meeting. Beginning this year with our meeting in Aruba and continuing  for a total of 3 years, the STM Annual Meeting will be in part funded by grant R13CA174356 from the National Cancer Institute.


We appreciate support from the National Institutes of Health and that of our sponsors and partners: Insightec, Philips Healthcare, the Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation, the Radiation Research Society, Alpinion Medical Systems, BSD Medical Corporation, Oncotherm Hightech Medicine and the International Journal of Hyperthermia.

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