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Encouraging Young Researchers to participate in PPS International Meetings

Polymer Processing Society

Graduate Travel Award

Young Researcher Travel Award

The Polymer Processing Society is proud to announce two awards meant to encourage and financially assist young researchers working in polymer processing research programs to attend and present a paper at the Polymer Processing Society International Conference.


Polymer Processing Society Graduate Travel Award

For two graduate students, preferably PhD students with research area related to the society’s scope.



• Graduate student from various institutions around the world, who will be attendingthe Polymer Processing Society International Meeting.


• At least one year into a graduate degree program and working on polymer processing related research

Polymer Processing Society Young Researcher Travel Award

For up to two young researchers who have completed his/her PhD within 6 years of December 31 of the year prior to the Year the International PPS Meeting is Held


 A young researcher from various institutions around the world, who 
will be attending the Polymer Processing Society Annual Meeting.

Must be within 6 years of PhD graduation date


Fields of Study: Polymer Engineering and Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, MaterialsEngineering and Science, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and related fields to PolymerProcessing


Value:       Up to $1,500 for each awardee to travel to the International  Meeting  of the Polymer Processing Society



•  Research accomplishments (CV required)

•  Research abstract of paper to be presented at PPS (abstract required)

• Support letter from supervisor (letter from supervisor required indicating theirendorsement and that they will cover any additional expenses over award amount to allowthe student to travel to the conference with all normal expenses paid)

•  Academic merit (post-secondary transcripts required—may be scanned)

•  Please send to Prof. U. Sundararaj, University of Calgary via


Deadline:            4 months before the start date of International PPS Meeting


2020:  Musa L. Kamal
           HEH Meijer
           Charles L. Tucker
2021:  Jean-Marc Haudin
           Avraam Isayev
           Giuseppe Titomanlio
2022:  Phil D. Coates
           Samuel Kenig
2023: Kiyohito Koyama